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The Churchill card from the Pepys card game Victory.


An interactive, half day walking tour devoted to Winston Churchill in central London, visiting places and haunts associated with WSC throughout his life and looking at some rare memorabilia.

Along the route we'll be taking a short break in a pub (a Johnnie Walker Red Label with water is optional).

We won't be visiting anywhere that charges an additional entrance fee or anywhere that deserves a separate visit, e.g. Parliament or The Churchill War Rooms. After the walk I'll be sharing a guide to other Churchillian locations you might want to visit.

I also offer an occasional special event which includes a private tour of the Churchill War Rooms which gives "behind the glass" access to the War Cabinet Room and The Map Room. After the tour ends there should be a good 30-45 minutes in which we can go back and explore further before the crowds arrive.

After the Churchill War Rooms we'll visit other places and haunts associated with WSC throughout his life and look at some rare memorabilia. 

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