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A car numberplate "LDN 1"


Ritz, glitz, glamour, the word Mayfair evokes a James Bond spirit – high-living, high-rolling, fast cars, faster women, quality cocktails, luxury hotels, discretion, secrecy and espionage. Mayfair is also known for its numerous American links forged both in leisure and in War.

But there is also much of Mayfair that is little known and often missed by visitors and Londoners alike.

So in addition to seeing sites synonymous with the area, you will also see a minimum of three elephants, London’s oldest street art, a sheep-free zone, some clubs fit for a future King and Queen, many places where even Roman Abramovich could easily run out of money, many scientific firsts, some great new public art, the finest terraced house in Britain and the country’s first one way street.

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