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Time Out London will be 50 this August

Time Out reaches its Golden Jubilee on 12th August 2018. On this day back in 1968 the first edition was published in London.

A radical affair, put together in a kitchen, it was just a single sheet of paper folded to A5. It wasn’t until issue 3 that it became a proper little magazine and not until 1971 that it went A4.

Today, of course, Time Out is a global brand. Not just magazines but books, websites, markets etc and has certainly lost its radical roots.

But when I first started exploring London by myself in the mid to late seventies, Time Out was my bible. Virtually everything I did in London was a result of something I’d read in Time Out.

For that reason, I still have a great affection for it and plan to celebrate the big birthday.

I’ve spent the past year building a collection of early issues. I now have the first six. Their covers are below.

I’m planning a celebratory event on August 12th. If you’d like details subscribe to my newsletter below and you’ll be among the first to know.

Time Out London Aug 12 - Sept 2

Time Out in London Sept 2

Time Out in London Sept 23 - Oct 14

Time Out London Oct 14 Nov 4

Time Out in London 4-24 November

Time Out in London 25 Nov - 15 Dec


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