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Royal Heritage of a Pimlico Curry House

July 1st 2011 will mark what would have been Princess Diana's 50th birthday.

For one Pimlico Curry House her memory is ever present.

Top Curry Centre Pimlico
Top Curry Centre Pimlico

Many restaurants have pictures of celebrities who have dined within but Top Curry Centre in Lupus Street have taken their celebrity association to a different level. In the window, they have a large framed picture of the future Princess walking right past their front door.

Lady Diana Spencer Pimlico
Lady Diana Spencer Pimlico

The photo shows Diana walking to work at the Young England Kindergarten, just around the corner in St George's Square. It was taken by Peter Simpson of The News of the World.

I suppose, that in celebrity association terms, having a photo of Diana, Princess of Wales walking past your business still trumps having a photo of some minor personality tucking into a Vindaloo on site.

Top Curry Centre has certainly done more than the Young England Kindergarten to remind us of Pimlico's Royal connection. The nursery where Diana worked has no plaque and makes no mention at all of her employment on their website.

So bizarre though the display is, I think we should be grateful to Top Curry Centre for providing the only public memorial to this happy phase of Diana's life in Pimlico.


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