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New Rolling Fool in Soho

A new Rolling Fool has appeared in Broadwick Street, Soho.

The distinctive jester character is one of a series by street artist Dr Cream.

The artist himself alerted me to this new work via a comment on a previous blog post of mine.

Rolling Fool Dr Cream Soho
Rolling Fool, Dr Cream, Soho

There are many plastic sculptures in the series, in different colours, sizes and positions. One has recently been nicked from Manette Street but another can still be found in St Anne's Court.

I always include one or two Rolling Fools in my regular tours of The Seven Noses of Soho. Many thanks to the artist for enabling me to add his latest work to future tours.

Dr Cream has also recently uploaded a new animated film (56 seconds) depicting his creation curling himself into his snail shell at various London locations.


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