London Pubs in the 1920s: How Many Can You Name?

These beautiful photos of London pubs all date from around 1926.

These are London pubs as our grandparents and great-grandparents enjoyed them. Many still look remarkably similar today, over 70 years since these images were captured.

How many of them can you identify and locate? The answers can all be found on my Facebook page.

The Grenadier, Wilton Mews, Belgravia, circa 1926.

The Old Bull and Bush, Hampstead, circa 1926.

Jack Straws Castle, Hampstead, circa 1926.

The Two Brewers at Perry Hill, circa 1926.

The London Apprentice, Isleworth, circa 1926.

First floor Grill Room of The Cock, overlooking Fleet Street, circa 1926.

The Devereux, City, circa 1926.

Olde Dr. Butler's Head, Masons Avenue, City, circa 1926.

The Running Footman, Charles Street, Mayfair, circa 1926.

Chop Room at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Wine Office Court, City, circa 1926.

Recently I have publishing many other vintage photos of London on Facebook. Along with several more vintage shots of London pubs, there are also albums of London children, dogs, transport, Soho, street scenes, and markets. Most of the images date from the 1930s and I am adding to these incredible albums daily.