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Head Turning Exhibition in Berkeley Square

A stunning new temporary exhibition of recent work by Emily Young has just been installed in Berkeley Square, Mayfair.

Six gigantic heads by one of Britain's, if not the world's greatest living sculptors.

The Metaphysics of Stone by Emily Young  in Berkeley Square
The Metaphysics of Stone by Emily Young in Berkeley Square

The heads are enormous, up to two metres tall and weighing as much as four tonnes each. Unlike her giant heads in St Paul's churchyard, it is possible to get really close to these new works, walk around them, touch them and really appreciate their scale and the sheer craft involved in their production.

At once figurative and abstract, ancient and modern, natural, yet man-made, monumental, yet deeply sensitive, a sense of solid permanence and fleeting transience are poetically combined; these are quite the most interesting and engaging new sculptures I have seen in many years.

Emily Young's "The Metaphysics of Stone" will run in Berkeley Square, from 7th February - 25 April 2012. During February there is also an exhibition of more new work from the artist at The Fine Art Society in New Bond Street.

You can read more about them and Emily Young at the FAS site or on the artist's own website. But far better than reading any more, I would suggest that instead, you hop on a tube to Green Park and experience them for yourself.


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