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Endangered Species Sculptures in Victoria to be Saved

Barry Baldwin’s Endangered Species Sculptures at Allington House in Victoria have been spared from imminent destruction. Now they need a new home, can you help?

Allington House Endangered Species doorway, Victoria - by Barry Baldwin
Allington House Endangered Species doorway, Victoria - by Barry Baldwin

The 12 ton Endangered Species Triptych by Barry Baldwin at Allington House in Victoria is a much-loved and distinctive London landmark.

The building which currently houses this monumental work, is in the process of being demolished by Land Securities and it was feared that, like the building itself, the sculptures would be completely destroyed.

But Land Securities are now committed to trying to save the sculptures and have employed industry leaders PAYE Stone & Conservation to undertake this delicate and difficult task over the next four to six weeks. I’ll be publishing full details as soon as they are released.

A spokesperson for Land Securities says:

“Land Securities have committed to attempt to salvage the Triptych as a complete unit. If successful, we will gift ownership to the sculptor and deliver the Triptych from site to the sculptors chosen location.”

Campaigners, who last year set up a Facebook page and on-line petition in a bid to save the sculptures, are very relieved by this positive news but the big question now is – where can the sculptures be re-homed?

Ideally the sculptures should be in a prominent public space where they can be enjoyed for generations.

Might your organisation be interested in giving an appropriate new home to this massive and magnificent work? If so, please get in touch.

If you would like to stay up to date with any developments please follow the Allington House Sculptures Facebook page.

You can read more about Barry’s work in this BBC feature. A lot more information about his work can also be found at his site and on his personal Facebook page.


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