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E J Clack to Move Centre Stage at Green Park Station

This water-fountain and statue that stood in The Green Park for over 50 years has been permanently removed from it's original location.

This is the site now, tarmac is being removed, the pinth, fountain and statue are long gone.

But they will be back with a vengeance in 2012, when the work at Green Park Station is complete.

Green Park Station and the surrounding area are currently undergoing major works, in time for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Part of the scheme includes a brand new entrance to the Tube station direct from the park. When it is complete, this fountain will be re-sited as the centrepiece of this new entrance.

The statue is "Diana of the Treetops" by Estcourt J. Clack originally unveiled in 1954. In the base is a water fountain and even a water fountain for dogs.

Estcourt J. Clack, known as Jim, was a full-time woodwork teacher at Blundell's School in Halberton, Devon. He won a competition to produce this fountain. It is one of the many fountains commissioned by the Constance Fund in London.

The Constance Fund was set up artist Sigismund C.H.Goetze's widow, Constance, in his memory. Its aim was “to encourage and promote the art of sculpture in London Parks.”.

The only other EJ Clack I know of in London, is the Charles Dickens Plaque on Marylebone Road. I am pleased that this, his previously lesser seen work, will now be in such a prominent position.

Who knows, there may even be postcards of it by this time next year and "Jim Clack" might soon be a household name! More on the history of this fountain from the National Archives here.


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