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1930s Advertising in Holborn

A selection of adverts from The Official Guide to Holborn 3re 1931 (published by J. Burrow & Co, Cheltenham).

I enjoy the insights these old adverts provide into the everyday social & commercial life of Central London nearly 80 years ago. The guide is packed with adverts and many more of them can be found on my Facebook page.

Where to get your Denteze Pipe advertisement

I wonder, are such specialist pipes still being produced today?

Bargains to be had at the Lost Property Office:

Lost Property Bargains advertisement

All your household's spring needs could be catered for in one place:

Holborn Springs supplier advertisement

Pleating to make you look slim:

Pleating! all the latest French pleats are now worn for making you look slim - advertisement

A gadget-free man's pipe:

Druid Briar Pipe advertisement the sign of Sir Walter Raleigh, 117 Kingsway, London

To be really fashionable you needed to have your indentation measured scientifically:

Anatomy Aids Fashion advertisement

Where can one still buy a decent quality, pure wool, chest protector or pair of pyjamas?

W. Smith Anti-Rheumatic Flannel Underwear advertisement

SEO for the inter-war years?

Typo-Print advertisement

I wonder how many cuckoo clocks the average family required in the 1930s?

Cuckoo Clocks by Camerer Cuss advertisement

A new false eye, fitted within the hour, marvellous!

G. Taylor artificial eye maker advertisement

They "Spare no pains in fitting" this genuine truss:

The Genuine Salmon Ody Truss advertisement

Still going strong, I think it's the only business in the whole guide that is, the venerable umbrella and walking stick supremos: James Smith & Sons.

James Smith & Sons (Umbrellas) Ltd 53 New Oxford Street, London advertisement

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