My name is Pete Berthoud and I am an award-winning, professional London Tour Guide. I specialise in highly personalised, small group, private tours in London based around the interests of my guests.

Past tours have been tailored to include subjects as diverse as The Beatles, Harry Potter, Churchill, World War II, Grinling Gibbons, Sherlock Holmes, Alice in Wonderland, Royalty, American links in London, theatre, shopping, food and drink, pubs, architecture, transport, street art and the quirky, hidden places 'off the beaten path'.

Whatever your interests I'd like to show you some of the city I love.


  • Wild Flower Sevens

    Wild Flower Sevens

    “Wild Flower Sevens” card game Every card pictures a different Wild Flower... Wild flowers have appeared as suit symbols on playing cards as far back as the fifteenth century. Flowers ...

  • High Suspense in Mayfair

    High Suspense in Mayfair

    This is what being a telephone engineer involved in 1930s London. Suspending a telephone cable between Conduit & Maddox Streets Twice a year the steel wires which support London's telephone cabl...

  • Golf and Guns: London's Rooftop Playground in the 1930s

    Golf and Guns: London's Rooftop Playground in the 1930s

    High above London, men and women were at play in 1938. Back then one could shoot guns and play golf on a rooftop.  Here are some un-splayed women: "Above we see an office Rifle Club on ...

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