The Seven Noses of Soho

My most popular London walking tour, the Seven Noses of Soho.

I discovered the Noses in 2011 and have been helping people to find them for themselves ever since.

Legend has it that if you see all the Seven Noses of Soho you will attain infinite wealth. If the legend is true then this has to be the best value walking tour that has ever been offered! If the legend doesn’t quite live up to expectations you will still be able to proudly boast of your achievement.

The tour takes in all Seven Noses, a very grand eighth nose, a ghost nose and a false nose. Along the way you will learn about the creation of the noses and the myths surrounding them. You will also see numerous other hidden gems including some “secret” art and a bonus ear!

The noses are dotted around the Soho area. Guided by a fully qualified City of Westminster Guide you will also be seeing some great architecture, hearing about the history ofthe area and walking in the footsteps of Mozart, Marx and Jimi Hendrix, through some of Soho’s finest and most atmospheric streets.

This is the original Seven Noses of Soho walking tour and no two tours are exactly the same! 

The Seven Noses of Soho

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