Induction and Orientation Tours of London

A head start in London for people moving to the city for work or study.

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So, you are relocating to London to work or study, welcome!

London can be a bewildering place to move to, even for local Brits. The massive range of choices available, the unique transport system, its own etiquette and way of doing things. It can be even more confusing if you are moving to London from outside the UK. Of course over a period of a few weeks or months you’ll feel completely settled in and totally at home, millions of people have moved here over London’s 2000 years of history and have managed to fit in and get on just fine.  It is a friendly place and you’ll soon make new friends who will be happy to give advice. But in your first couple of days you might feel like you want someone sensible to show you the ropes in an unbiased way, I can do that.

My Service

I aim to give you a rapid head start in London. I am local and committed to staying up-to-date on a huge range of subjects. My whole life is London based both personally and professionally. Whatever you want to know about daily life in London I’ll show you and if I don’t know then I’ll promise to find out and tell you (“Meaning of Life”, “Secrets of Wealth” and “Eternal Good Health” exclusions and similar apply!)

The Questions I’m Most Often Asked:

Your Tour, Your Questions:

Before and on the day we will focus completely and totally on your questions and you. These are my most personalised tours.

You maybe staying in Wood Green and studying at UCL or living in Chelsea and working at Canary Wharf. You might be a boxer studying ancient history or a ballerina with a penchant for maritime insurance; a total whiskey hound or completely teetotal. The chances are I’ll never ever get the same combination of locations and interests again, so your tour will be a true one-off in every possible respect.

I have put options for tours up to eight hours long below but very often four hours is enough time to answer most questions. In eight hours we could do some personalised sight-seeing as well, if you are interested.

Key Advantages

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What I Can’t Offer

Induction & Orientation Tour Rates:
2 hrs £175
4 hrs £250
6 hrs £300

My rates include

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How to Book - All bookings are suspended for the time being

For a genuinely tailored tour it’s obviously helpful for me to know a little about you and what you are planning.

If you like my ideas for a tour we can come up with a more detailed plan, by email or phone, before you decide whether or not to book.

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