Private Guided Tours of London

**Please note, all tours are suspended for the time being**

Whether you are a first time visitor or experienced urban explorer a private tour of London offers you a great opportunity to make the most of your time in this amazing city.

On my private tours of London you will:

Private tours of London are ideal for individuals, families, couples and small groups because each unique tour is tailored to your interests, requirements and itinerary.

Unlike many other companies I will never offer to guide you in places where  I really don’t think you will need a guide, for example in places where you will already have paid for a guide in your admission fee! My focus will always be to save you money and time so that you really get the most out of your visit. I aim to ensure that you leave London with nothing but great memories.

When you arrive I can meet you at your hotel or anywhere else in central London.

Examples of Popular Tours

2 Hours: An Introduction or Orientation

In two hours we can see many of the most famous sites or you might prefer to concentrate on just one area. We can also use the time to orientate yourself in this vast city, see what there is of interest near your hotel, how to get the best out of public transport and I can share up to date advice and tips to help you get the best out of the rest of your stay.

4 Hours: A Good Look at One or two Areas

In four hours we could tour two or three areas, say Soho, Chinatown, Mayfair and Strand or we could catch a boat up to Greenwich and combine this with a look at The City of London. If you want to visit a museum or gallery we can plan the day so that you are not paying me for hours spent inside an attraction already well served by free guides.

6 Hours: A Really Good Overview or an In Depth Exploration

In a full day in London we can cover a lot of ground, especially if we use London’s excellent public transport; the famous red buses and black cabs, the London Underground and the Thames Clipper river bus service. Or we can explore central London by foot, pausing as often as you like for attractions, shopping, a coffee or a pint.

The options for a tour in London are mind-boggling. My job is to help you get the most out of your available time and to see as much of the city as you can, in the way that you want. So the examples above can all be combined or altered to suit you. The shortest tours I have done are for just one hour, the longest have spanned several days.

My rates include:

My expenses during the tour (refreshments, public transport and most site entry costs).

Pre-visit consultation/advice.

They don’t include:

Your transport costs, entry fees, refreshments.


You can pay me on the day in cash, or beforehand by credit card/bank transfer or Paypal. Depending on the tour we plan I might ask for a small deposit.

Booking: All bookings are suspended for the time being.

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