Private Events

In addition to public walks and private tours I offer a wide range of private London events.

These include:

For all Private London Events you will:

All my public walks can be adapted to suit your needs or I can provide a unique bespoke event for you or your organisation. Fees vary according to the complexity of the event. For a  simple event for a small group these are some examples:

2 hours: A Walking Tour

In two hours we can explore one area on a fun and relaxed tour. We could also use the time to orientate your guests, staff or students in this vast city. A two hour tour can start and finish anywhere in central London. Two hour tours are popular for parties.

4 hours: A Good Look at One or two Areas

In four hours we could tour two or three areas, say Soho, Chinatown, Mayfair and Strand or we focus on one area and visit pubs, cafes or attractions en route. A popular choice for staff and student orientation and team-building.

8 hours: A Really Good Overview or an In Depth Exploration

A full day in London. In eight hours we can cover a lot of ground, especially if we use public transport or we can really explore central London by foot, pausing as often as you like for attractions, shopping, a coffee or a pint. Full day tours are the most popular tours for visiting youth groups and conference entertainment.


The options for an event in London are mind-boggling. My job is to help you get the most out of your budget, to make the planning of your event as smooth and easy as possible and to ensure that participants leave with nothing but good memories of the event. The examples above can all be combined or altered to suit you. The shortest events I run are for just one hour, the longest have lasted several days.

Group Size:

The examples given are for a small group, with me working alone. I do have a very wide professional network of other fully qualified guides that I work with on larger or more complex events.

These rates include:

My expenses during the tour (refreshments, public transport and most site entry costs).

Pre-visit consultation/advice.

They don’t include:

Your transport costs, entry fees, refreshments, gifts or prizes.


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