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1930s Advertising in Holborn

30-January-2018 12:57
in Curiosities
by Peter Berthoud

A selection of adverts from The Official Guide to Holborn 3re 1931 (published by J. Burrow & Co, Cheltenham).

I enjoy the insights these old adverts provide into the everyday social & commercial life of Central London nearly 80 years ago. The guide is packed with adverts and many more of them can be found on my Facebook page.

Denteze Pipe

I wonder, are such specialist pipes still being produced today?

Bargains to be had at the Lost Property Office:

Lost Property Bargains 

All your household's spring needs could be catered for in one place:


Pleating to make you look slim:

Pleating to make you look slim

A gadget-free man's pipe:

Druid Briar Pipe

To be really fashionable you needed to have your indentation measured scientifically:

Anatomy Aids Fashion

Where can one still buy a decent quality, pure wool, chest protector or pair of pyjamas?

W Smith Anti Rheumatic Flannel Underwear

SEO for the inter-war years?


I wonder how many cuckoo clocks the average family required in the 1930s.

Cuckoo clocks

A new false eye, fitted within the hour, marvellous!

Artificial Eyes

They "Spare no pains in fitting" this genuine truss:

Genuine Salmon Ody Truss

Still going strong, I think it's the only business in the whole guide that is, the venerable umbrella and walking stick supremos: James Smith & Sons.

James Smith and Sons umbrellas 

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