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London's Longest Running Window Display

14-March-2012 0:00
in Curiosities
by Peter Berthoud

A little while ago I wrote about a beautiful decaying window display in Bowes Park, London N22.

Well, just around the corner from the display at George Moore Menswear is another very unusual retail display.

Naxos Fashion School Wear have been trading from the same shop in the High Road, Bowes Park, London N22 for over 35 years. The current owners took the business over from a furrier who had traded for nearly 50 years before that.

Naxos Fashion Schoolwear N22

The shop is fully open for business and still supplies uniforms for many local schools.

This young mannequin in the window display has been beckoning school children into the shop for around 30 years. She has met the High Road with a stare, standing in exactly the same position, for all that time, remarkable.

Naxos Girl Mannequin

There are some slight clues as to her longevity, the loss of her hair, the liver spot on her neck and the blemish on her cheek but she still has a twinkle in her eye.

Naxos Girl Mannequin close up

There are some more shots of Naxos on my Flickr Photostream.

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