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A Love Letter from Edwardian London in 36 Views

20-February-2014 0:00
in Postcards
by Peter Berthoud

On November 18th 1904 Miss Gwen James of Glamorganshire received an usually large quantity of post.

36 Postcards of London
Through her door at 22, Regent Street, Holton Road, Barry Dock tumbled 36 postcards of London, each bearing just a word or two and a number.

She must have recognised the hand writing as that of her sweetheart and realised, that once put in order, a love letter from Edwardian London would be revealed.

1 The Royal Exchange

The first card, No 1, showed the Royal Exchange and bore just four words.

Dear G

1. Dear G
I am

Below are the other 35 images with the words written on the back of each card in order.

Tower Bridge

2. sending you a

London Bridge

3. few postcards

The Bank of England

4. for your collection

Nelson Monument St Pauls Cathedral

5. hoping you will

St Pauls Cathedral

6. like them

The Admiralty Whitehall

7. s_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ t [sweetheart]

Horseguards Parade

8. Don't get

Buckingham Palace

9. worried in

Northumberland Avenue

10. reading these

Kensington Palace and Queen Victoria statue

11. few postcards.

St James's Palace

12. These cards only

Law Courts Royal Courts of Justice

13. cost 6 1/2d the

Imperial Institute

14. lot at Plumstead

Crystal Palace

15. there are

Royal Albert Hall

16. thirty six.

British Museum

17. You will

Piccadilly Circus

18. find

Rotten Row Hyde Park

19. that

Kensington Gardens Flower Walk

20. I have

Trafalgar Square Nelsons Column

21. numbered

The Serpentine Hyde Park

22. all the

Thames Embankment Cleopatra's Needle

23. cards

National Gallery Gordon Statue Trafalgar Square

24. on the

Crown Jewels Tower of London

25. back.

Tower of London

26. I am feeling

Kew Gardens Pagoda

27. better this

Mansion House Cheapside

28. week.
I have

View Thames Richmond Hill

29. received your

Kew Gardens Rockery

30. second letter.

River Thames Houses of Parliamant St Thomas Hospital

31. Now Dr G

Houses of Parliament London

32. I must

House of Commons

33. conclude

House of Lords

34. from

Westminster Abbey Coronation Chair

35. yours

Westminster Abbey

36. B.W.

 "B.W." was a Mr Basil Woodward, he and Gwen James, the recipient of this 36 part love letter, later married. It's good to write.

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