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Edwardian London in Photos

02-October-2012 0:00
in Photography
by Peter Berthoud

I recently came across a book containing views of Edwardian London that I hadn't seen before on the net.

Three Hundred and Fifty Views - London, was published by Wyman & Sons Ltd in 1908.

This book was produced as a pretty bland tourist souvenir. There is no text and all the photographers are anonymous. A century after publication the images  are probably of far more interest than they when they were first taken.

So far I have published 50 of the images in a Facebook album. Here are some of the most popular, in high quality for the first time. 

Edwardian London Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square

Edwardian London Gracechurch Street and Eastcheap
Gracechurch Street and Eastcheap

Edwardian London Tottenham Court Road
Tottenham Court Road

Edwardian London St Paul's Cathedral
Saint Paul's Cathedral

Edwardian London Regent Street
Regent Street

Edwardian London Regent Street
Regent Street

Edwardian London Piccadilly Circus
Piccadilly Circus

Edwardian London Electric Tram in Kingsway Tunnel
The electric tram in Kingsway tunnel

Edwardian London Ludgate Circus
Ludgate Circus

Edwardian London The Royal Exchange
The Royal Exchange

Edwardian London King William Street
King William Street

Edwardian London London Bridge
London Bridge

For many more views of Edwardian London in photos see my Facebook albums.

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