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A Woodwork Teacher Who Sculpted Diana for The Green Park

06-April-2011 0:00
in Art & Architecture
by Peter Berthoud

This enormous Portland stone panel commemorates one of Charles Dickens' many London homes.

It stands on the Marylebone Road. There is some more detail about it at the excellent Ornamental Passions site.

Charles Dickens sculpture Marylebone Road by Estcourt J Clack
Less well known, by the same little known sculptor, is this bronze. 

It is Diana of the Treetops by Estcourt J. Clack. Unveiled in 1954, it stands in The Green Park, London.

Diana of the Treetops Estcourt J Clack Green Park

Estcourt J. Clack was a full-time woodwork teacher at Blundell's School in Halberton, Devon. He won a competition to produce this fountain. It is one of the many fountains commissioned by the Constance Fund. More on this from the National Archives here.

Update May 10th 2011. I walked past the site of "Diana in the Trees" and the fountain and statute have gone. No doubt they have removed for conservation or repair. Does anyone know when they are due to return?

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